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Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Since our founding in 1960 as a manufacturer of high reliability products, Semtech has grown to become a multinational technology innovator, enabling solutions that fuel a safer, more productive, more sustainable, and socially focused planet. We leverage our highly skilled teams to develop new products and advanced algorithms that solve some of the world’s most complex design challenges, making a positive and significant impact in our lives and the environment. 

As a leading producer of innovative technology platforms, Semtech understands the impact that our business can have on the environment and the community at large. We take this responsibility very seriously, always looking to our Core Values and Code of Conduct - innovation, respect, integrity, communication, and fiscal responsibility – in making any of our critical business decisions. This focus on the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors influences everything we do.

As a result, Semtech has implemented many clear guidelines and critical business practices throughout our infrastructure and supply chain to protect our employees, local communities, customers, and the environment. We have also designed our products with a focus on providing real benefits to the global community, and have put in place numerous internal Green programs and initiatives to reinforce our commitment to reduce waste through effective manufacturing control, and the use of Green technology and resource reduction in product designs.

Beyond our environmental stewardship, we take great pride in our social responsibility as global citizens. Each of our offices contributes time and resources to charitable causes, events and initiatives to support our local communities.

Semtech is building the world of tomorrow. In this fast-paced industry that demands continuous innovation, Semtech’s technology delivers, helping meet market demands for a safer, more advanced, intelligent technology where our primary goal is to deliver a world that is connected.

Social Impact

We take pride in our social responsibility as global citizens. Each of our offices contributes to charitable causes, events and initiatives to support our communities.
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Innovation for a Better World

We strive to improve the communities and world around us with innovation and technology that make a global difference.
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Life at Semtech

Our culture is rooted in teamwork, respect and communication, which fosters a revolutionary workplace full of passion, vision and accountability.
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Environmental Impact

We are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact by producing environmentally sustainable products, reducing environmental impacts and conserving resources.
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Quality Commitment

We are committed to delivering high performance solutions that exceed industry standards, are technically superior to competitive technologies and provide value and satisfaction to our customers.
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Corporate Governance

We place a high importance on ethical actions, individual integrity and fair dealing in every aspect of what we do here at Semtech.
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