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Integrating 5G into the Wireless Infrastructure

Evaluation Engineering talks to Raza Khan, senior marketing manager at Semtech, about 5G front-haul applications. Read more

Improving Performance and Compliance for Personal Connected Consumer Devices

Integrating smart sensors into all future designs is essential to ensuring the optimal combination of performance and safety that consumers demand. Read more
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Smart Building Designs Spur Demand for IoT Solutions

Technologies for Smart Buildings are in great demand, as the market surges in this segment. Vendors are responding with products and solutions designed to make buildings more intelligent, more secure and more connected. Read more

Smart sensors for personal connected consumer devices

Analog and mixed-signal semiconductor supplier Semtech has announced a line of sensors targeted for the personal connected consumer device market that can differentiate between humans and inanimate objects. Read more

Semtech Announces Person Sensor Product Line, PerSe

New sensors will focus on optimizing connectivity and safety. Read more
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Human-presence sensors enhance connectivity, help comply with Specific Absorption Rate regulations

The PerSe launch delivers an unmatched consumer experience through device performance and regulatory compliance to enhance connectivity. Read more

Semtech’s LoRa devices help monitor cattle, soil conditions

Marc Pégulu, vice president of IoT (Internet of Things) strategy and products at Semtech discusses how LoRaWAN network connectivity can help farmers monitor cattle and farm irrigation systems. Read more

Driving Intelligent Energy with IoT-Connected Solutions

Semtech Marketing Director of LoRa Ecosystem, Rémi Demerlé and Oxit Director of Operations, Ashley Pope delineate how intelligent energy consumption goes hand in hand with IoT solutions for smart utilities. Read more

Simplifying Asset Management with Geolocation

Semtech discusses the critical role of long-range, low-power, Internet of Things (IoT) - connected solutions which incorporate geolocation for asset management. Read more

Trending IoT Products in 2021: October Edition

A list compiled by everything RF of trending Internet of Things (IoT) products showcases the increasing capabilities of these IoT solutions, including LoRa Baseband Processor Chip from Semtech. Read more

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