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Écosystème LoRa®

L'écosystème LoRa®

LoRa is bolstered by a diverse global ecosystem of hardware manufacturers, software designers, network providers, and industry associations. Learn more about each of these providers below, and explore featured solutions. To shop for a specific product or service to support a device design with LoRa devices or the LoRaWAN® standard, search Semtech's catalog of products and services found in the LoRa Developer Portal.

LoRa Alliance Logo

LoRa Alliance

L'Alliance LoRa est une association ouverte à but non lucratif qui s'est donné pour mission de soutenir le déploiement à grand échelle de réseaux longue portée à faible consommation énergétique via la démocratisation de la norme ouverte LoRaWAN. Depuis son lancement en 2015, elle s'est affirmée en tant que l'une des alliances les plus importantes du secteur, avec la croissance la plus rapide.

Écosystème LoRa - capteur

Cas d'utilisation des capteurs

The adoption of LoRa is exponential, and use cases are growing every day. Explore some of the real-world sensor applications on the market today in our library of featured sensor makers.

Écosystème LoRa - matériel

stations de base radio

One of the first steps to creating a project with LoRa devices is selecting the right hardware. From starter kits to gateways and modules, there is an expansive catalog of hardware available to support Internet of Things (IoT) projects for any end-market application. Find the right LoRaWAN gateway for your solution by exploring featured gateway providers. 

Écosystème LoRa - logiciel


To deploy an IoT solution based on LoRa, the right selections of application and network server software will need to be in place. Several IoT development platforms support LoRa to help simplify deployment.

Écosystème LoRa - réseau


Bring end devices to life by connecting to a public or private LoRaWAN network. With coverage on six continents, a LoRaWAN network is available in over 171 countries around the world. Discover featured networks and access a global coverage map. 

LoRa ecosystem industry alliances

Alliances du secteur

Semtech actively participates in professional organizations and industry alliances whose efforts work toward harmonizing global efforts for advancing IoT and the adoption of LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN standard. The various associations focus on solving business problems in vertical markets and driving global adoption of LoRa.