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Smart Cities

Everyday municipal operations are made more efficient with LoRa Technology’s long range, low power, secure, and GPS-free geolocation features. By connecting city services such as lighting, parking, waste removal, and more, cities can optimize the use of utilities and personnel to save time and money. 

White Papers

Download white papers for exclusive content offering more thorough technical analyses of smart city applications. Find all LoRa white papers here >>

Transformation of Switzerland's postal service with LoRa and LoRaWAN Download this white paper to learn how Swiss Post and national telecom provider Swisscom integrated LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN® protocol in order to transform Switzerland’s postal service, leveraging low power wide area networks (LPWANS) to increase customer access.
The Digital Transformation of Switzerland’s Postal Service with LoRa® Devices and the LoRaWAN® Protocol
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LoRa devices smart planet use case e-book Download this e-book to learn how LoRa devices are being utilized to create a sustainable and smart planet with featured solutions from ecosystem companies including Axino, Birdz, Smart Parks, and WaterBit.
LoRa® Devices: Smart Planet Use Case Overview
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Wi-Fi & LoRaWAN trials white paper by LoRa Alliance An overview of use cases across regions combining two powerful technologies
Wi-Fi & LoRaWAN® Trials
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LoRaWAN connects smart city applications white paper by LoRa Alliance The connection of infrastructure and services in a city includes buildings, businesses and municipal assets, and operates alongside smart buildings, smart vehicles and smart utilities. The common goal is to make money, save money or achieve compliance. This LoRa Alliance® white paper explores how LoRaWAN® enables Smart Cities.
Why LoRaWAN is the Connectivity Platform for Smart City Applications
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How Calgary, Canada utilized LoRa and LoRaWAN Municipalities are embracing smart city technologies and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to provide better services for citizens. The City of Calgary has evolved into one of the most innovative cities in Canada.
LoRa Technology: How Calgary Built and Utilizes One of the First City-owned LoRaWAN-based Networks
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LoRa smart cities use cases e-book Smart city technology is changing the way cities, governments and citizens interact, and LoRa Technology is enabling these solutions.
LoRa Technology Real World Solutions: Smart Cities
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LoRaWAN capacity trial in smart city environment white paper MachineQ™ and Semtech conducted a study and found that a full-scale LoRa deployment in a dense urban environment outperformed its expectations, and could handle more than its expected number of packets/day.
LoRaWAN Capacity Trial in Dense Urban Environment
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LoRa and LoRaWAN transform smart cities white paper As cities move toward increased efficiency, Smart City technologies, like LoRa IoT solutions, can provide new solutions for improved city services. Low cost IoT networks are the cornerstone of a Smart City program.
Smart Cities Transformed
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Discover applications for LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN protocol by downloading an infographic. 

Day in a Life Infographic Learn how LoRa, the long range low power technology from Semtech, and the LoRaWAN standard have the power to change our world and transform our daily lives.
NEW A Day in a Life With LoRa
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As climate change intensifies global natural disasters, detecting environmental issues quickly and accurately enable proactive safety measures to limit the loss of life and property. Monitoring solutions running on the Helium “The People’s Network” allow for accurate tracking of air quality, extreme weather conditions and water quality.
Proactive Safety Measures With Environmental Monitoring
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We believe every IoT device should have a low power geolocation ready feature –whether it's a mobile asset or a fixed asset. This is now possible, thanks to LoRa® devices, the LoRaWAN® standard and the LoRa Edge™ asset management platform.
The Future of Geolocation Has Arrived
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Internet of Things and LoRa infographic The Internet of Things and LoRa® are making a better, sustainable world to live, work and play. LoRa and the LoRaWAN® standard provide a “voice” to things – carrying an explosion of data and analytics to solve real world challenges.
LoRa Everything
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LoRa and LoRaWAN transform Switzerland's postal service infographic Download this infographic to explore how LoRa® devices and the LoRaWAN protocol brought universal postal service to Swiss citizens and next generation solutions featuring optical identification (OID) for smart cities and smart supply chains.
Swiss Post On Demand Delivery Service
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Internet of Things and LoRa everyone infographic Download the infographic to explore how products based on LoRa create a safer, more sustainable and comfortable planet for us all.
LoRa Everyone
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LoRa everywhere infographic Download the infographic to see how LoRa-based products are changing the world and enabling a better life.
LoRa Everywhere
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10 things about LoRaWAN and NB-IoT infographic Which wireless network solution is right for your application? Compare the qualities of low power wide area network (LPWAN) solutions side by side in this helpful infographic.
10 Things About LoRaWAN & NB-IoT
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Real-World Deployments

See how LoRa Technology has enabled operational efficiencies in these real-world smart city applications.

Center of Excellence

The Town of Cary, North Carolina, SAS Institute and Semtech are coming together to build a unique Center of Excellence focused on LoRa-enabled technology solutions that will positively impact the lives of Cary’s citizens. 

Urban Forest Management with LoRa
Urban Forest Management

ICT International’s range of plant physiology devices are able to monitor the health of the urban forest in real time via a LoRaWAN network, helping trees remain healthy, providing valuable ecosystem services to the community as well as measurable carbon capture.

On-Demand Postal Services

Swiss Post “Order Pens” leverage Semtech’s LoRa® devices and the LoRaWAN® standard, to provide universal postal service to Swiss citizens and businesses. 

LoRa smart city blockchain network
Smart City Blockchain Networks

MXC’s blockchain business model utilizes participants who serve as “supernodes” who deploy and share their own personal IoT gateway, producing a massive data highway with extensive LoRaWAN network coverage. 

LoRa remote equipment monitoring
Remote Equipment Monitoring

Packetworx's automated packetSENSE Current Clamp electricity monitoring solution and packetSWITCH remote rebooting device leverage the LoRaWAN® protocol to remotely monitor the functionality of automated teller machines (ATMs) and other critical equipment.

LoRa smart communities
Smart Communities

Amazon Sidewalk is a crowd-sourced wireless network that can simplify device setup and extend the range for low bandwidth applications, leveraging LoRa to extend the range of a customer’s home network to connect both outdoor and indoor smart home products into the community. 

LoRa smart cities connecting a South Korean expressway
South Korean Expressways

Korea Expressway Corporation leverages LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN protocol for landslip detectors, road-freezing sensors, electronic displays, fire extinguishers in tunnels, and expressway lights, in addition to parking space and trash bin fill monitoring at rest areas, and real-time condition tracking for shock-absorbing barriers and guardrails.

LoRa-based abnormal energy use detection
Abnormal Energy Use Detection

NetOP's smart energy consumption monitoring solution based on LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN protocol, named the “Octopus,” leverages LoRa devices’ advantages for real-time data monitoring to detect abnormal spikes in energy consumption in city substations.

LoRa & LoRaWAN complement citywide Wi-Fi
Complementing Citywide Wi-Fi

The Metropolitan Government of Seoul, South Korea plans to deploy up to 1,000 LoRaWAN-based gateways to complement the municipal Wi-Fi and provide the foundation for Seoul’s innovative, next-generation smart city applications.

LoRa smart metering & lighting solutions
Smart Metering & Lighting Solutions

OrionM2M's smart meters and luminaire controllers utilize embedded LoRa Technology to connect to the Cloud via public LoRaWAN-based networks and OrionGateways.

LoRa-based smart flood sensors
Smart Flood Sensors

Green Stream's LoRa-based autonomous flood sensor system helps to build safer, more resilient communities.

LoRa-based smart bus schedules for smart cities
Smart Bus Schedule Signs

X-TELIA's and the City of Montreal installed LoRa-based displays to show bus schedules in real-time, offering convenience to commuters. 

LoRa-based smart city street lights
Smart Street Lighting

Ahoy Systems’ smart street-lighting products reduce electricity costs without compromising infrastructure quality and community services.

LoRa-based Internet of Things network deployment in Latin America
Latin America Network Coverage

Argentina-based YEAP! has made public LoRaWAN networks widely available throughout the greater Latin America region, enabling LoRa-based IoT solutions in the region.

LoRa and Internet of Things smart city street lights
Street Light Gateway

Ubicquia’s LoRa-based gateway module consolidates functionality to offer a cost-effective and efficient smart street lighting platform.  

LoRa-based smart city Internet of Things network
Smart City Network

Thailand’s Kiwi Technology collaborated with Precise Digital Economy to develop a smart city network of LoRa-based sensors to better regulate public utilities.

LoRa-based smart city waste management
Smart Waste Management

eleven-x and University of British Columbia utilize LoRa-based sensors to remotely monitor waste bin capacities, optimizing maintenance response.

LoRa & Internet of Things smart cities in the United States
U.S. Cities

machineQ has strategically deployed LoRaWAN coverage in dozens of top U.S. metropolitan areas and major Comcast markets, so businesses can connect solutions quickly, with reduced cost.

LoRa-based Internet of Things residential network
Residential Community Networks

Dr. Peng Group’s Residential LPWAN networks based on LoRa Technology facilitate the deployment of smart city services such as intelligent street lighting, soil, air and water quality monitoring, intelligent parking, intelligent trash collection, and other green belt management services.

LoRa & Internet of Things connect Cook Islands
Connecting the Cook Islands

KotahiNet’s public LoRaWAN-based network provides the Cook Islands with a smart sensing infrastructure, allowing businesses and government organizations to collect and analyze environmental data, and make intelligent decisions about their business operations and scarce island resources.

In the News

Articles and press coverage of LoRa-based smart cities are featured below. 

Semtech’s Software Upgrade Boosts LoRa Capacity, Performance — and Adds Satellite Communication

Upgrade brings LR-FHSS support, improving the capacity and robustness of LoRa networks — and allowing them to communicate with satellites. Read more

IoT growth in 2022

Steven Hegenderfer, senior director of developer ecosystems at Semtech Corporation, a global supplier of high-performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductors and advanced algorithms shares his 2022 predictions. Read more

Amazon wants to take Sidewalk beyond the neighborhood

The new Amazon Sidewalk Bridge Pro could expand the IoT network, hich uses LoRa and LoRaWAN, to city parks, universities, and commercial spaces. Read more

Amazon Sidewalk expands beyond homes to build a commercial Internet of Things

A new, dedicated Sidewalk bridge will bring farms, factories and other nonresidential zones online with Amazon's long-range, low-power IoT network that uses Bluetooth and LoRa radios, which are built into Echo and Ring devices, to connect devices with Amazon's cloud when they're beyond the reach of traditional home networks. Read more

Cary, N.C., to Build IoT Center to Test New Applications

The town is partnering with Semtech and SAS to create an Internet of Things center to pilot new smart city use cases. Read more
RFID Journal

IoT System Monitors Water Levels, Plant Growth, Fire Hazards

ICT International's LoRaWAN solution leverages Semtech chips to transmit data about the environmental health of everything from forests and pastures to estuaries. Read more

Editorial: 10 predictions for the IoT in 2022

IoT Tech News shares predictions of what the IoT industry will look like in 2022 including insight from Steven Hegenderfer, Senior Director of Developer Ecosystems at Semtech. Read more

How LoRaWAN helps utilities expand their businesses with IoT applications for smart cities

This article explores how LoRaWAN helps utilities companies to expand using IoT applications for smart cities Read more

5G and LoRaWAN® – Connecting the Next Billion IoT Devices

As IoT continues to connect millions of physical devices to digital assets, Semtech’s LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN standard will play an integral role. Read more

Cary deploys LoRaWAN technology to improve services to residents

By leveraging LoRaWAN connectivity and SAS’ data analytics, Cary will be able to better monitor floods and provide additional community services to its citizens. Read more

Application Briefs & Use Cases

Learn more about specific applications of LoRa Technology in smart cities.

SAS uses data from LoRaWAN sensors, AI and streaming analytics to prevent flood damage and predict flooding patterns.
SAS Flood Prediction
Download »
Internet of Things enabled smart golf course Shaganappi Point Golf Course in the City of Calgary utilizes LoRa-based devices to track pace of play and improve operational efficiencies.
Smart Golf Course
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LoRa smart city acoustic sound monitoring The Urban Alliance, a partnership between the City of Calgary and the University of Calgary, utilizes LoRa Technology to monitor and characterize sound.
Real-Time Acoustic Monitoring
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LoRa-based Internet of Things smart island management LoRaWAN-based smart island network from IOTLABS enables sustainable solutions, and has dropped the island’s water usage rates 25%.
Smart Island Management
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LoRa-based Internet of Things smart flood monitor Green Stream Technologies' LoRa-based end-to-end flood monitoring solution is designed using commercial, off-the-shelf ultrasonic sensors.
Smart Flood Monitoring
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LoRa smart city waste management Waste collection is usually performed on a schedule regardless of whether they are full or not. Cities using LoRa Technology reduce operational costs, streamline collection routes and optimize the location of bins.
Waste Management
Download »
LoRa-enabled smart cities utilize smart parking LoRa Technology and CivicSmart offer the most advanced and affordable solutions for smart parking.
Smart Parking
Download »
LoRa-enabled smart city parking management PNI Sensor Corporation's solution with Semtech's LoRa Technology enables the optimal management of parking resources over public or private networks.
Parking Management
Download »
LoRa-based smart city utilizes smart lighting Smart lighting adds intelligence and control to street lights to help reduce the largest energy expense of a typical city without sacrificing public safety. LoRa Technology makes it possible.
Smart Lighting
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See videos featuring LoRa-based smart cities applications. Watch all LoRa videos here >>

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Other Semtech Solutions for Smart Cities

In addition to the low power wide area network solutions enabled by LoRa Technology, Semtech offers a wide portfolio of IC chipsets for electronics in smart cities.